Saturday, August 11, 2012

Lille shoplog

Hi Dolls! This is everything I bought In Lille. I tried to buy some things that were a little bit tougher than I usually buy because I want to change my look a little. I'm not going to be a total bad-ass now though, I still have my cute and girly style but I just want to wear something different every now and then. Tell me what you guys think. xoxo Roxanne

 I got this top at Promod for 15 euros on sale. It was my first time in that store and I saw a lot of amazing things! I actually wanted to buy more but I controlled myself. 
 I haven't bought anything pink in a while and I thought this was really cute with a little edge. This top was 25 euros. 
This pants was the reason I entered Promod! I saw it in the window and thought it was really great. I bought this jeans for 40 euros. The last time I bought jeans was a year ago I think, because I never wear them but I'm happy with this one.
 This shoes are from Camaieu they cost 40 euros. At first I really doubted about them but I think they are perfect for my less girly look days.
 I bought the bracelets at Stradivarius for 10 euros. I love the spikes and the pearls together! The necklace ifs from Promod and it was 10 euros.
 My mom picked this dress out for me and I thought I didn't like it but it's actually really cute. This dress was 40 euros and my mom bought this one for me =)
 This top cost 18 euros at Stradivarius.
Last but not least my fake leather jacket! My sister calls it my lady gaga jacket haha. I't a size too big for me but I loved it so much I had to buy it! It bought it at Stradivarius for 60 euros.


  1. waou! Love your blog, and your new Purchases, we follow each other??

  2. love the black trainers! do they have the wedge heel inside? i have some similar ones and i wear them all the time! x

  3. Love your jacket, and in general I like very much your style. You're so lucky to be in Paris!

    i follow your blog now :) Hope you can follow mine if you like,