Sunday, September 16, 2012

Don't charge me for the crime

Hi sweeties! Today I had to work again but it wasn't a long day. This outfit I wore yesterday is different than my other outfits. It's tougher. People tell me I'm such a sweetheart and my nickname is princess but I don't like being the cute girl all the time. I felt different in this outfit. It's kind of hard to explain but I felt a little bit more kick ass. Not that I ever will be a rebel but it's nice to try something different. 

Everything I'm wearing in this outfit you can find here. These clothes I bought when I went shopping in Lille. I'm totally addicted to my platform sneakers, I wear them all the time. The pictures don't do my shoes justice so if you want to get a better look, read my Lille shoplog.

Have a nice Sunday everyone.

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Outfit preview

Hi dolls! I haven't blogged in such a long time. School started again and I've got a job during the weekends. This is the first day I don't have to work or go to school =) I wanna thank everyone who's still watching and reading my blog. Today I'm going to comment everyone back and tomorrow I will post a new outfit. This weeks of not blogging I really missed it, I'm definitely going to post more. I just have to find time in my bussy schedule.
xoxo Roxanne

Thursday, August 23, 2012

I just haven't met you yet

 Top Vero Moda // Necklace River Island // Shoes New Look // Short & Ring Forever 21

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Lovely breakfast

Hi sweeties! Today was my first day of school. We had to pick up our schedule and we got some information. Before I went to school I had breakfast with a classmate to catch up a little. I ate a pain au chocolat, a croissant and some macaroons. It tasted delicious. My schedule is really good btw! The only downside is that I have to travel more than an hour to get to school. Enough about school, let's talk fashion I'm going to do a new outfit post soon and I'm going to comment you all back. I think it will be Thursday because tomorrow is the only long school day I have from 10.10 until 17.00. Anyway I will talk to you all soon! xoxo Roxanne

Saturday, August 18, 2012

The sun is shining, I feel good

Hi dolls! This summer the weather has been so bad but since this week the sun is finally shining and i'm feeling good. I'm so happy because I actually had to work today but they gave me a day off, lucky me! This day is going to be great: first I will answer some comments after that I'm going picnicking with sweet friends, then to the beach with my bestie and in the evening BBQ with my family. Sounds like fun right. I hope you all have a nice day. xoxo Roxanne

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

If I’m honest I have to tell you I still read fairy-tales and I like them best of all.

really bad mobile picture had to make it myself =P

Hi dolls! I wanted to have a tutu skirt for the longest time and I finally found one a couple weeks ago. When I spotted this skirt at the child department of H&M I was so happy, their biggest size still fits me. I thought my ideal tutu skirt would be light pink but I'm really exited about the one i got. Today is the first time I'm wearing this skirt but I don't think I'm going to wear it out though, maybe it's a little too much. What do you think? Should I just only wear it inside or do you think I shouldn't care and just walk down the streets in my cute tutu skirt? Anyway some friends are coming over at my place tonight. We're going to watch some movies like Love in the afternoon, what a girl wants and maybe a lovely Disney movie. I guess you can say fairy-tales are still my favorite. Have a enchanting evening sweeties. xoxo Roxanne

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Lille outfit

Blazer & Short from H&M // Top & Shoes & Earrings & Rings from Forever 21 // Bag from Jane Norman // Watch from Anne Klein

This is what I woreThursday when I was in Lille. In the morning the weather wasn't that good that's why I'm wearing a blazer in the first few pictures.While we were taking this pictures the wind was blowing, so my hair kept coming in my face. We didn't make a lot of pictures that day. I wanted to take pictures of all the beautiful buildings I saw but I forgot because I was having too much fun. On the pictures above you can see some buildings though. The second one is a museum I think and I don't have a clue about the first. French boys are really cute btw, there were handsome guys everywhere I looked haha. xoxo Lots of love Roxanne

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Lille shoplog

Hi Dolls! This is everything I bought In Lille. I tried to buy some things that were a little bit tougher than I usually buy because I want to change my look a little. I'm not going to be a total bad-ass now though, I still have my cute and girly style but I just want to wear something different every now and then. Tell me what you guys think. xoxo Roxanne

 I got this top at Promod for 15 euros on sale. It was my first time in that store and I saw a lot of amazing things! I actually wanted to buy more but I controlled myself. 
 I haven't bought anything pink in a while and I thought this was really cute with a little edge. This top was 25 euros. 
This pants was the reason I entered Promod! I saw it in the window and thought it was really great. I bought this jeans for 40 euros. The last time I bought jeans was a year ago I think, because I never wear them but I'm happy with this one.
 This shoes are from Camaieu they cost 40 euros. At first I really doubted about them but I think they are perfect for my less girly look days.
 I bought the bracelets at Stradivarius for 10 euros. I love the spikes and the pearls together! The necklace ifs from Promod and it was 10 euros.
 My mom picked this dress out for me and I thought I didn't like it but it's actually really cute. This dress was 40 euros and my mom bought this one for me =)
 This top cost 18 euros at Stradivarius.
Last but not least my fake leather jacket! My sister calls it my lady gaga jacket haha. I't a size too big for me but I loved it so much I had to buy it! It bought it at Stradivarius for 60 euros.

Friday, August 10, 2012

La vie en rose


Hi guys! Yesterday my mom and I went to Lille. It was one of the best days ever! When we drove into France my mom said: ''Roxanne we're in France!'' The moment she said that ''La vie en rose'' started playing(Rachael Leahcar version). I almost cried tears of happiness that moment. France is and will always be my favorite country. Of course we went shopping in Lille. I will tell you guys more and I'm going to show you guys everything I bought and my outfit later. So stay tuned! xoxo Gros bisous Roxanne